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How can I improve my ad position?

Dec 10

Google Ads dominates paid search marketing; it has continually held the largest market share for online advertising since its inception in October 2000 as Google Ads. After a while, the company stopped serving advertisements to the highest bidder.

Google is steadily losing ground to Amazon; to reach $30 billion in ad revenue by 2023, it has grown by 23 percent since 2019. Aside from their PPC services, Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, and DSP (demand-side platform) are also available.

It is possible to launch an effective Amazon advertising strategy by applying tried-and-true Google advertising techniques since both platforms share many similarities.

Similarities between Google and Amazon Ad campaigns

It is essential to understand the similarities between Google and Amazon's approaches. Here are some of the similarities:

  • CPC: Your maximum bid will usually be charged for every click your ad receives. It is possible to pay less than the highest amount when the ad clicks.
  • Keyword-triggered: The ad appears depending on the keywords you set in your campaign.
  • Keyword bidding: An auction-style system determines which ads will be shown prominently on Google and Amazon.
  • Ad campaign ROI metric: 

You can measure campaign success on both platforms, but they do so inversely. In Amazon's advertising tracking, the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is calculated as the ad spend divided by the ad sales. While Google's revenue is divided by the amount spent on ads, its RoAS is calculated as revenues over ad expenses. It's easier to make effective Amazon advertising strategies using Google Ads techniques now that many similarities have been fleshed out. The following are some critical points to keep in mind:

6 Ways to Improve Ad Ranking Immediately

Are you looking for that top spot? Ad ranking can be improved very quickly in a few ways; many of the changes will be making simple changes that can help you increase your quality score as soon as possible since it plays a significant role in how your ads are positioned.

  1. Raise your bids 

It's safe to say you saw that coming; the following approach sometimes isn't a favorite of those on a tight budget, but it is the best and fastest way to improve ad ranking, so let's discuss it. A bid increase will likely move your ad up in the rankings and help you win the top spot.

Putting specific high-value keywords into their campaign enables you to bid more for them on a tight budget (such as those that drive conversions for premium products). In this way, you can focus your marketing budget on the most essential keywords to you.

  1. Set a Clear Goal for the Ad Campaign

The Google advertising community knows that an ad campaign involves ongoing effort. Whether they are seeking to increase brand awareness or generate leads, they must understand the end goal they are trying to achieve.

A clearly defined goal is also significant for your Amazon ad campaign. What are you trying to accomplish? Is it to increase customer awareness of your new product? Would it be best to promote your current bestseller?

Before beginning an ad campaign, knowing your goal can help you determine what type of ad to run. Sponsored products work best in search results when they promote a particular product. Alternatively, Sponsored Brands help promote three of your products simultaneously while increasing brand awareness.

  1. Make use of feature-benefit selling to increase conversion rates

Getting users to click on your ad isn't all about ad position, and, ironically, you may only become more competitive if you can get users to connect at a lower ranking in the first place. A good quality score and a good ad ranking can be improved by increasing clicks. Highlighting specific features and benefits is an effective way to achieve this.

  1. Design a targeted landing page for your campaign

Amazon Product Details are similar to landing pages where Google Ads direct clicks from their advertisements. The bounce rate of a good landing page should be shallow. It indicates that the ad didn't accomplish its purpose when people left the landing page quickly, so Google dropped its ranking.

Your conversion rate contributes to the quality of your ads on Amazon, just like Google. It means that your ad has served its purpose if most clicks on your sponsored product ads result in a sale. This will result in your ad being ranked higher on Amazon. You should ensure the product detail pages you create have descriptive titles, high-quality images, and compelling copy to improve conversion rates.

  1. Create useful content

Although a page may be customized according to factors such as age and location, it is still useless. A great page needs to be something visitors can easily decide to claim your offer. Copywriters and designers can do this by making it easy for them to do that. That means:

  • Using the same headline as the advertisement to create a headline that inspires trust
  • Incorporating easy-to-understand language in place of industry jargon
  • Seeing if there are ways to eliminate unnecessary form fields
  • FAQ's that uncover and resolve buyer objections
  1. 6. Make sure you're targeting the right keywords

Long-tail keywords are favored by most Google advertisers because they cost less per click and are better at targeting customers. This strategy will attract visitors most likely to use their services or sign up. 

In addition to location keywords, your Amazon ad campaign should contain keywords related to the benefits of your product. Make sure you thoroughly research your keywords before you launch your ad.


The best way to build brand awareness and boost web traffic with Google Ads is to target customers at the beginning of the sales funnel. Meanwhile, Amazon PPC is useful for bringing in more customers and increasing sales for those already in the buying mode.

However, both advertising platforms take the same approach, boosting conversion rates. Apply these tips to your Amazon PPC campaigns to increase sales and improve your ad position. 

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