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How Much is Wedding Car Insurance in Luton?

Jan 1

Planning for a wedding in the UK or any destination for that matter can be quite expensive, so it is only natural that you would want to know how much is a wedding car insurance UK premium. In this article you will learn how to get that premium cost under control. You may even find that it is well within your budget to insure the vehicle for the entire wedding party. There are website that can provide wedding car hire that does not require insuance. 

How much is a wedding car insurance UK premium depends on many factors. The age of the driver of the vehicle and the length of time he or she has been driving. Young inexperienced drivers with very little driving experience are more likely to find themselves paying a high insurance premium. The type of vehicle as well as the amount of miles driven are other important factors.

The location of the proposed marriage also affects how much is a wedding car insurance UK premium. If you choose a static address for the ceremony, you are less likely to incur high costs in terms of insurance premiums. If you are looking at a less formal location then expect the premium cost to be on the higher side. In addition, if the venue is one that is subject to regular use by guests, the cost of the service and catering can add to the bill. Couples who hire cars for their big day tend to book vehicles with high mileage.

It is common for brides to select a four-wheel drive vehicle for their wedding. Such a vehicle is not necessarily the most expensive, but it does present greater risks of damage to the vehicle in case of an accident. When you are looking to find the best deal in wedding car insurance, make sure that you do not select an overpriced four-wheel drive. If you want the least amount of worry when it comes to insuring your wedding vehicle, opt for a small economy vehicle with adequate safety features.

If you have a choice, you can use your wedding car to take your parents around for the big day. However, this option can also pose certain dangers to the vehicle if the driver is not careful. Parents who need wedding car insurance are advised to book a compact car that has sufficient safety features. The UK car insurance companies would not usually cover damages caused to the vehicle due to accidents or reckless driving.

A wedding car insurance UK premium is also determined by the type of vehicle chosen for the wedding ceremony. Sedans are usually cheaper to insure because they have a lower likelihood of being targeted in a car theft. If you do not want to take any risk with your vehicle, then choose a more secured and expensive vehicle. Cars with engine sizes that are powerful enough to cause injury to another vehicle when the wheels hit the ground are also more expensive to insure. For instance, vehicles such as sports cars are considered high-risk by insurance companies. It is best to stick to a smaller vehicle for the wedding, because an expensive sports car is most likely to be targeted in a car theft. You can visit a comparison site to find the best insurance to suit your needs.

Another factor that determines how much is a wedding car insurance UK premium is the duration of the wedding celebration. If the wedding takes place over a short period of time, such as two days, then the cost of the insurance premiums is likely to decrease. In contrast, if the event is a long one, such as a month or more, then the insurance premiums are likely to increase. Some insurance companies offer discounts to couples who take part in events like Sturgis or the dreaded Euro Cup. Other events like parades or street parties are also likely to attract higher rates from car insurance companies.

How much is a wedding car insurance UK? The cost of insuring a wedding vehicle is determined by the type of vehicle chosen for the wedding and, to a lesser extent, the quality of the wedding party. As cars tend to be expensive, it is a good idea to plan ahead to get good deals on wedding insurance. The Internet provides great ways of finding cheap wedding car insurance.