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The Most Frequently Known Heating and Cooling Issues

Mar 28


With just a bit of tweaking and cleaning, the majority of heating and cooling issues can be resolved. Certain issues can be very grave if they are not dealt with quickly. These are the most frequent problems that concern air conditioning and heating repair by Courtesy Automotive Service Center.

  • Filters that have become dirty

Filters that have become dirty could cause heat pumps or air conditioners to fail. The filter controls the flow of air which allows the unit to function effectively. If the filter isn't maintained on a regular basis and properly, it can cause an increase in airflow, and performance. This could result in an increase in time and cost in the long run, and also decrease the comfort.

Cleaning your filters isn't a requirement to engage a professional. The filters are cleaned at your home. If you own central air conditioning, your filter might require replacement. The instructions are available in the for replacing filters. Filters should be replaced every couple of months.


  • Air leakage

The issue is usually not the filter, but it is with the window seals. As time passes, the seals will wear out and allow air to flow through. This could affect the efficiency of the system because air can escape from the system, putting pressure on the seal. To get advice, talk to the person at the hardware store from which you purchased the sealant.


  • Heat pump icing

In the winter months, it's not uncommon to find heat pumps covered with white frost. If the entire unit is covered in frozen ice, it can cause issues. If the coils of your heat pump are blocked by ice, it will not be able to transfer heat as effectively. This could cause damage to the outdoor fan blades, coils, and ultimately the compressor.

This issue may need expert HVAC maintenance. To avoid further damage, take the ice off the top of the pump. Don't pick at the ice with an object that is sharp.


  • Water Leaks

Condensate is created by efficient furnaces as well as air conditioners. They come with drain pipes that remove the condensate. If drain pipes get damaged or blocked the water may leak out of your furnace or AC.

Bleach can be kept in good condition and free of clogs by passing it through drain lines. Professional HVAC technicians advise that not all water leaks are due to blocked drain lines. The heat exchanger's drain plate or collector box issue could also trigger water leaks. AC experts can examine your home and pinpoint the cause of the leak.


  • The condenser is not running.

In some cases, the condenser might not be operating and the unit will not start. The cause could be no power or thermostat settings that are too high, or a malfunctioning part in the system. It is essential to look for a blowing fuse prior to making contact with a professional. Try lower the thermostat to see if it can help. If the issue persists then it could be an issue with your motor or compressor. It is recommended to seek help from a professional in the event of this. It is possible to cause more harm than good by using the solutions that are quick to discover on the internet.


  • The unit isn't cooling or heating.

The appliance could be too small, and the heating or cooling isn't working properly. An unclean thermostat or an an over-heated evaporater might also be the reason. If your system isn't cooling, you might need to examine it. If the fins or coil are filthy, wash them. This can cause obstruction within the condenser unit. A low refrigerant level, a malfunctioning compressor, or any other issue can cause cooling and heating issues. In both cases expert assistance is recommended.



It is possible to fix certain cooling and heating issues on your own. But, it's essential to be on top of your maintenance. Regular maintenance will quickly spot the issues and correct them.

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