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Bartley Vue's orientation offer a better low-rise buildings and an environment of parks

Aug 3

Bartley Vue can accommodate as many as four rooms. It's comprised of two distinct buildings. They are higher than the building that is 16 stories tall. The building has amenities like the swimming pool, which is 30 meters in length and the pavilions, which have an outdoor pool as well as fitness equipment. The building has two parking spaces that are available to vehicles on the lower levels in addition to the ones on the higher floors. Bartley Vue is situated just five minutes away of Bartley Station. Bartley Station of the MRT. The Station of the Bartley MRT is connected to five major interchanges along The Circle Line which provide an uninterrupted connectivity.

Bartley Vue condominium is thought to be the newest condominium with an edifice which appears to be higher in level. It was recently opened and is located at Jalan Bunga Rampai proudly developed by Wee Hur Holdings Ltd.

With more than 40 years of expertise in the construction industry and a variety of other specializations, prospective customers who buy Bartley Vue will certainly be sure of the best work done by Wee Hur.

Wee Hur Development Pte Ltd (WHD) was created on September 1, the year 2009. WHD operates as an online-based retailer, as well as an local property Development Division. The company is associate with Wee Hur Holdings Ltd. WHD is listed on the SGX Mainboard. Over the period of time. WHD was involved for several years in various industrial and residential development. WHD is renowned for its lavish construction projects.

Wee Hur Holdings Ltd was formed in the middle of the year. It was formed as an affiliate company of Wee Hur Construction Pte Ltd. Since its inception, it has experienced the fastest growth in its existence. It has succeeded in completing numerous profitable projects like hotels, churches hotel that are for commercial or tertiary usage and a myriad of other. The firm's strong finances allows it to bid on projects that are worth the expense in the long run.

Bartley Vue is the one condominium that is older than its age limit of. It was built within the vicinity of Jalan Bunga Rampai.

It is made up of the 115 units of The 19th District. Singapore. Singapore is located in the breathtaking central region that is part of area of the Rest of Central Region (RCR) of Singapore.

The property is situated in a variety of amenities and is located at the train station within three miles of malls, including NEX Mall within Serangoon Central, Paya Lebar Quarters (PLQ) and the planned Woodleigh Mall, that is in the process of being built.

Bartley Station of MRT Bartley Station of MRTThis development is situated within the 400m radius from Bartley Vue, which is close to and in the vicinity of the Bartley MRT station. It is easy to find taxis at the entry point to Bartley Vue towards its west. It is located in the western region of the western portion which is situated in between Bartley Vue to Bartley MRT station, which is safe and takes about five to five minutes.

Bartley MRT station is element of Circle Line (CC). Circle Line operates as a loop that connects several MRT stations, offering commuters with the possibility of being more efficient with their journey and also shorter commute times between different parts of Singapore.

Due to the station's centrality it has a Circle Line The Bartley MRT Station is an MRT station located along the North-East Line, 2 MRT stations are in the Downtown Line, and 3 MRT stations are situated along the line, which includes stations on the South-North Line as well as the East-West Line.

Additionally the Bartley MRT station is in the proximity to five MRT stations that are situated near Thomson East Coast Line. Thomson East Coast Line and three MRT stations. The Station Hougang's 3rd station , the Cross Islands Line MRT station located in Hougang. Hougang Station's proximity to 2 MRT lines offers commuters additional options to travel.