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Newcastle Memorial Walk

Aug 4

About Newcastle Memorial Walk

The new Memorial Walk was opened to commemorate the anniversary of Australian soldiers landing at Gallipoli. The event also marked an important milestone for Australia's steel industry, as it celebrated how this material has been used in every war since then with pride and honour!

The Memorial Walk is a scenic coastal walk with an emotional connection for thousands of locals. It's located on Strzelecki Headland (between Bar Beach and King Edward Park), right above the famous Newcastle memorial Drive The Hill which houses many historical World War II figures.

The walkway is made out of 64 tons worth of stainless steel, which symbolizes what these brave men sacrificed on behalf of our country. The memorial walkway in Newcastle is a stunning way to commemorate those who served our country. The bridge has names of over 10,000 soldiers carved into it and silhouettes representing them as well. You can see both the city below you or go off track for some nice views along this path that will take about two hours maximum!

Memorial Walk

What to do at Newcastle Memorial Walk

The walkway is a stunning architectural addition to the cityscape of Newcastle, Australia. It features military silhouettes and names from World War I that remind us all why we should always stand up for freedom in this great country—the same way so many brave soldiers did before us!

What better way to spend your evening than with a loved one at this memorial walk? With stunning cliff-top views and an important message for younger generations, it's one of the most recent developments in Newcastle. You can visit any time day or night as there are lights illuminating each path after dark so you're never left wondering where things will lead!

you will have a soft spot for this place. It is not just because of the breathtaking views, but also due to what these fine people left behind them in their time here on earth- lest we forget!

The memorial walk Newcastle

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