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How do you fix a small hole in a car upholstery?

Oct 9

Children and pets could mean that your car is subject to much damage, including food drips, stains, and other types of damage. Even adults can cause damage to their cars if they smoke while driving. You might accidentally burn your seat; there is a higher chance of your car smelling like a cigarette. Burn holes can occur quickly, even if ash from a cigarette falls.

While a coffee stain or spillage is easy to clean, a burn to the car's upholstery can be challenging to remove. They are usually small and easy to overlook, but ignoring them could lead to more damage. It is also risky to repair, as a mistake could make the hole more significant and noticeable. While stains and similar damage to a car are standard, especially for parents with young children, it doesn't mean that you should accept them as usual. It can reduce the car's value and make it unattractive to others who ride on it.

Different Types of Seat Upholstery

The type of upholstery that you choose will have a significant impact on how comfortable you drive. It can be affected by dirt, stains and holes, so it is essential to keep it clean. There are many materials available for car seats. Knowing which one you have will help you clean it. Using the same cleaning agent on another material might accidentally cause more damage than good.

These are the 5 Most Common Types of Upholstery For Cars:


Upholstery made from fabric can be divided into nylon and polyester. Nylon is one of the most popular fabrics in cars. Nylon is durable and porous. It is easy to clean because of its material and makes.

You only need a vacuum to remove dirt and dust. If you have stains, mild detergent is sufficient. It should be mixed with hot water in an empty pail. Be careful not to create bubbles. Dip a sponge in the detergent mixture and scrub the car seat. Then, rinse the sponge with cold water. Finally, scrub the surface of the car seat with a second sponge. Let the fabric dry completely.


Microsuede is the most common material used for car upholstery. It feels soft and almost like suede leather making it an excellent choice for car seats. It is difficult to clean and easy to stain.

It is easy to clean polyester by yourself, provided you have the right tools. Only a damp cloth is required. Make sure to squeeze out any extra water. Use a microsuede-safe cleaning agent to wash the cloth. Low-PH soaps, such as baby soap or soap, can also be used. It is essential to avoid getting the upholstery wet as this can cause water stains. You can also steam-clean your upholstery.


Another common material used in car upholstery is this. It is more durable than fabric, and it is also not porous. Vinyl is an excellent choice for people with children and pets, as it doesn't get stained as easily. It is easy to clean, and you only need a vinyl cleaner to remove any residue you can't easily wipe off.

Faux Leather

People want car seats with leather-like appearances, but without the high price. This material, like vinyl, is waterproof. All you have to do to clean it is wipe it clean. You can use a feather duster to remove dirt and dust, then vacuum it up.

Mix some detergent and water to stain. Be careful not to make bubbles. Dip a clean cloth into the detergent mixture. Then, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Use a second damp cloth to remove the detergent. Use a dry cloth to wipe the wet area. You can also use a toothbrush to remove stubborn stains or residue.


Leather is the most expensive upholstery and requires the most care. It requires extra care and only the best products. You might damage its natural oils if you use a less effective cleaning agent or something cheaper. It might also dry out and crack.

You will need to clean the upholstery with a cloth. It is essential only to apply upholstery conditioner after it has dried completely. You should apply the conditioner generously but not leave any clumps. Apply the conditioner evenly to the leather and massage it in. This will ensure that the leather absorbs the oils. The conditioner should be kept out of direct sunlight and the car covered for at least one night.

Dealing with Burn Holes

Although cleaning different types of upholstery is more accessible, it is much more challenging to fix a cigarette burn. It is essential to consider the material before attempting to repair the hole.

Repairing a small hole is the next challenge. Any mistake could make it worse. Restoring upholstery will result in a larger bill. You can also buy repair kits to fix rips in your car's upholstery. Not all materials are easy to repair. A burnt leather seat will need to be repaired by a professional, as the risk of further damage is too high. It will also cost a lot to fix.

However, it is easy to fix vinyl car upholstery. A repair kit that includes a vinyl liquid patch is all you need. It is easy to attach it to the burn holes, and it will bond to the vinyl, covering the hole. Special grain paper may be required in some instances to ensure that the texture is even. These kits are easy to use for vinyl car seat repairs and are affordable.

Upholstery for Cars - Repairing Fabric

Repairing a burn in nylon or polyester upholstery is easy. Reweaving can be viable if there is minimal damage or if you have an antique piece of fabric, such as in a vintage car. You can keep your original upholstery and not have to replace any of it. This option is ideal if you have plain or loosely woven tweed. You will only need to trim the edges using small scissors. 

Next, match the thread and weave a half-inch from the edge to the hole. Continue weaving until you have covered the entire burn hole with the thread. You can also glue a small patch to the car seat. This method is excellent for velour upholstery. You need to scratch the surface with a razor blade until you get some fuzz. Apply a little superglue to the burn hole. Then, press the fuzz into the area using a pencil's tip. Continue adding fuzz until the hole is completely covered.

There are many options for repairing car upholstery burns. However, you must be careful when choosing a suitable repair kit and how to use it. It is a good idea to look at reviews and learn how it works. It is better to hire a car upholstery repair colorado springs to help you if the holes are more significant or if the material is delicate or costly, like leather.