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How do you repair a small tear in a vinyl car seat?

Oct 9

Vehicles go through many things over time. There are scratches, dents, and breaks under the hood. Also, there is wear and tear to the interior. Whether the seats are made of leather, vinyl, or fabric, they can get ripped and punctured. Vinyl seats today can be mistaken for leather, and they don't shout, "I'M PLASTIC!" Vinyl is strong, but it can also tear or develop holes.

You can have your vinyl car seats repaired by a professional, but this will depend on how severe the damage is and what type of seat it is. Another option is to do it yourself. We share some strategies to fix different types of tears on vinyl car seats. Here are some things to know.

How to repair a seam that is ripped

This article does not focus on tears near car seat seams. This is because you can fix this type of tear with a heavy-duty needle, thread and sew the vinyl back together at each seam. You must have a basic understanding of sewing and a good eye for the seat's shape to make this happen.

How to fix vinyl seat tears

Professional repair workers suggest that you choose either liquid vinyl or a repair kit if you are concerned about how your car seats look. You'll need to work with chemicals. Make sure you have a flat area that is well ventilated, are wearing gloves, and use eye protection. Pay attention to the product's color and choose the one that matches your seat.

We recommend that you clean the seats with a mild cleaner and a towel before getting to work. He then provides step-by-step directions for both liquid vinyl and a repair kit. Car upholstery repair colorado springs suggests that there are cheaper and easier ways to fix your seats if you don't care about how they look. Teague says that you can use the included adhesive to apply patches to a tear.

There's also the clamp-and-glue option. Vinyl may be flexible enough for you to glue or tape the tear. You will need to clamp the area for enough time to let the glue dry. It may be necessary to apply more than one coat.