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How Do You Pick A Door Lock Without Tools?

Nov 3


It can be frustrating to lock your keys in your car, especially when you are trying to rush to get somewhere. Although you can call a car unlock company or a locksmith to unlock your car, you will likely have to pay a cost of car lockout and wait for them to arrive. You might even get towed.


There are several DIY ways to unlock your car doors when you're in a pinch. You can use your shoelace, your car antenna, or your windshield wiper to open your doors.

Simple Ways to Lock Your Car

Make Your Shoelace Work

Although it may seem impossible, you can open your car doors in seconds using just one shoelace. You can remove the lace from your shoe (or another type of string), and then tie a slipknot at the end. The string can be tightened by pulling on its ends.

A long rod is recommended

To unlock your car, all you need to do is lift the top of your door at least a bit. The wooden wedge should be grabbed first, and then it should be inserted through the top of the door. You can cover the wedge with a plastic or vinyl cover to protect the paint.

Use a wedge

This can be tricky, according to many experts. To hold the door frame in place, pry off the top. Next, push the unlock button using a long skinny rod (or a coat hanger).


Take out the doorknob

You can lock the privacy door knobs using the above methods, but you will need to use two visible screws. Use a suitable screwdriver to remove these screws. Both doorknobs should be removed in a matter of minutes.