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Special Events Photo Booths Launches New Office in Derby's Historic Old Post Office

Apr 3

Derby, UK – Special Events Photo Booths, a leader in creating engaging and innovative photo booth experiences, is excited to announce the opening of its new office in Derby. Located in the iconic Old Post Office at Victoria Street, Derby, DE1 1EQ, this expansion marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, introducing its bespoke photo booth services to the heart of Derby.


A Strategic Move to Derby’s Iconic Location

Choosing the Old Post Office for its new office highlights Special Events Photo Booths' commitment to integrating into the cultural fabric of Derby. “The Old Post Office is not just a building; it’s a symbol of Derby’s heritage and dynamic future. We are thrilled to be part of this community,” said Jag Mann, CEO of Special Events Photo Booths. The new location provides an optimal base for reaching clients across Derby and the surrounding areas.


Tailoring Unique Photo Booth Experiences

Recognised for their state-of-the-art photo booths, Special Events Photo Booths provides a distinctive blend of technology and fun. “Our photo booths are about making moments, turning events into memorable experiences,” Mann explained. The company offers a variety of customizable options, guaranteeing each event is personal and unique.


Enhancing Event Engagement in Derby

The Derby office will play a crucial role in providing outstanding service and building lasting client relationships. “Our presence in Derby allows us to interact more intimately with our clients, offering them the customised attention and creative solutions they deserve,” said Mann. The company strives to become a go-to source for photo booth experiences in Derby, enhancing events including weddings and corporate functions to private parties.


Commitment to Community and Local Collaboration

Special Events Photo Booths is enthusiastic about building community ties and working with local businesses and event planners. “We see ourselves as beyond a business; we are part of Derby’s community, aspiring to contribute positively to the city’s event landscape,” emphasised Mann. The company plans to participate in community events and collaborations, further embedding itself in the local culture.


Expanding Services for Derby’s Diverse Clientele

Understanding the diverse needs of Derby’s populace, Special Events Photo Booths offers a selection of photo booth options to suit various preferences and event styles. “Our goal is to make each event special, reflecting the individuality of our clients,” mentioned Mann. The company is prepared to serve a broad range of events, ensuring inclusivity and customization.


Ready to Capture Memories in Derby

Special Events Photo Booths eagerly welcomes inquiries and bookings for its Derby office. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the team is excited to bring their services to the city:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01332 479720

Prospective clients are encouraged to visit the company’s website to explore the variety of services offered and to see how Special Events Photo Booths can improve their next event.


About Special Events Photo Booths

Special Events Photo Booths has established itself as a premier provider of unique photo booth experiences, known for its innovativeness, customer focus, and technological innovation. With the opening of its Derby office, the company expands further its reach, making sure that each event it serves is joyful and joyful.


Media Contact:

Jag Mann, CEO

Special Events Photo Booths

The Old Post Office, Victoria Street,Derby, DE1 1EQ

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01332 479720


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